How Long Should a Guy Last in Bed? Hear What Collage Girls Have to Say…

So… Why should you, as a man, wish to last longer in bed?

The most common reasons are:

  • You would like to enjoy the sexual encounter for a longer time.
  • You would like to sexually satisfy your sex partner.
  • You suffer under premature ejaculation.
  • As well as several of the above combined.

Sex is fun… that’s obvious. So why not prolong it, why not extend the sexual pleasure to the max? It’s natural to have this wish and to strive to achieve it. But how?

In a nutshell, to achieve this goal you have two options: A short-term and a long-term program. Ideally you should pursue them both at the same time. What are they actually?

The short-term program

The long-term program

  • Keep your body in a healthy condition. Eat healthy and make sure your body gets training and exercise on a regular basis. If your lifestyle indicates rather physical inactivity, then go to the gym or do workouts daily at home. If you’re obese, start a weight-loss program. Obesity has a substantial negative impact on your sexual performance. Continue reading>>>
  • There are special techniques designed to help overcome premature ejaculation and enable you to sustain erection for a longer time. These methods are often called natural since they don’t include applying of pharmaceutical products or surgery. Continue reading>>>
  • Upgrade your knowledge about sex. Learn all about women’s sexual behavior in general, what turns them on and what not, their desires, their stimulating areas and spots, and so on. And… Try to find out, what all of this applies to you actual sex partner. Don’t be too shy to ask her if there is no other way to find it out. The idea here is… If you learn to play the sex game well, become even a master player, then the question of how to last long in bed won’t matter any more. Continue reading>>>