How To Last Longer In Bed – The Tricks

how to last longer in bedOne of the most embarrassing situations of a man’s life is when he ejaculates prematurely, or just does not last as long as one should. Our partners definitely don’t appreciate that we have already ended before they are barely getting started. Unfortunately by nature women reach orgasm more slowly than men, this can be a major problem if you’re like me and ejaculate in generally less than two minutes. This is why I started this site, to help people like me learn how to last longer in bed. Premature ejaculation is an issue that is dreaded and not spoken of by most men. However, this is also a common issue among men, some reports have it as high as 10% of men suffer in silence from this condition.

What Can Men do When They Have This Problem? Learn How To Last Longer In Bed.

While premature ejaculation is a big problem, there are solutions available for it. The key is to understand that premature ejaculation is not the same for every man, the cause and treatment will differ for every man. There is generally two categories when thinking about lasting longer in bed, one is that the condition is a psychological one, and the other is that it is a physical issue. These both need different approaches to combat the problem of how to last longer in bed for men.

The first if you’re like me and have suffered this problem for as long as you can remember is most likely you have a physical condition, the good news is this can be the easiest to cure.  In my own situation I used the following products to help me learn how to last longer in bed.

How Will Enlast Help?


Enlast is a cream that I first used after using many product that claimed to be the wonder fix for my problem, it was the first product that I used that “just worked”. Enlast is a cream that is applied to the man to slow down the onset of ejaculation. Enlast once applied is effective after about 10mins and it will last for 3 hours or more. The heating effect of the cream will also help to induce an erection so that the action can start immediately. The FDA has approved of the ingredients used in Enlast and considers them safe, I have not had any issues using this product and the fact it comes with a full refund policy is peace of mind. They ship internationally and have contact phone numbers for the US, UK, AU and many other countries on there site. It’s is not the cheapest product out there, but it lasts for months and it’s the best from my experience after spending countless $$$ on other products. I brought it from HERE.

Some tips for using the product.

1.     For me I found unlike the instructions I only need to apply the cream to the back half of my penis, this allowed my great control and to retain full feeling during intercourse.

2.     After fist applying the cream I would wait the 10 or so minutes until it was working, then I would wash it just to make sure there was no residual cream around, my misses after going down there has never complained about smell or taste.

3.     It lasts for 3 hours, so there is no need to rush, after dinner or dinning out I would simply put the cream on once home, have a shower or whatever and give it a wash and then get into bed ready to do.

Final Words.

The first time I was amazed, it felt like what I thought I should feel like, no sensitivity at all, but I could still enjoy the full experience. I have had people contact me to say they have to cover the full area, everyone is different. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I brought it from here. 

The Problems And How I Beat Them.

One of the issues with premature ejaculation is that it can ruin a good relationship. Women have sexual needs too, and these needs must be fulfilled by the partner. When a man has a problem with premature ejaculation, he will be the only one satisfied and this can put serious pressures on a long term relationship. Some women, like my wife will understand that this is a medical condition and help their man through this process and have a stronger relationship because of this. Talking about how to last longer in bed with your partner is the key, there is many reason for a man to premature ejaculation, and we will discuss a few here. PE can come at any time in one’s life, unfortunately for me I have had it my whole life.

Another problem with premature ejaculation and not lasting longer in bed is that it has effects on the self-esteem of men who suffer from it. A man knows when he is not satisfying his partner. When his partner stares him in the eyes and asks, “Is that all of it?” he knows he has a problem. This will greatly damage his ego. These words are the worst that a woman can say to her man after they have just had sexual intercourse. If the incident happens more than a few times, the man may question his manhood or masculinity. This is the single reason I never had a girlfriend until into my late 30’s. I never had a problem getting women, it was having the confidence to stay with them and explain what was going on, which I never did…

Powerful Combination

On its own Enlast will not solve the problem of premature ejaculation, I used this product for over a year and a half before I told my wife of my condition and problems. After I told her I started using something with a more long term fix for lasting longer in bed. I actually use this program HERE, its $49 dollars but it is the best tutorial I have found for fixing my problem on a more long term basis. The program has video tutorials, audio and a comprehensive book included in the package. On how to last longer in bed Some people might think its a lot of money but when you think about the life long burden you carry by not fixing this issue, it really is money well spent. It also has a full money back guarantee.

This is my story, but I realise this products are not for everyone and may vary with the effectiveness for each individual. If you have any hints or tricks or just input on this condition, please feel free to contact me HERE. Please also take the time to read some of my other posts, we go into details about some proven methods for trying to combat this problem. As I stated above this problem dose not affect everybody the same, if you need further help contact your Doctor or please read premature ejaculation.