How To Last Longer In Bed

How to last longer in bed…

If you are searching for an answer to the question “how to last longer in bed” then you’ve come to the right place. Felice Dunas PhD. talks about the topic in a very impressive way. Did you know that as many as 30 million men in the US aren’t able to have satisfying sex due to premature ejaculation? The effects of this dysfunction may be severe since in many cases the relationship or love affair is negatively effected. To help these men to learn how to last longer in bed would be a blessing for them – and their partners. Fortunately there are ways to cope with this problem. Promescent can help control premature ejaculation. This is what Felice Dunas PhD. is talking about…

What if… On the journey from the beginning of sexual stimulation to “100” – when you ejaculate – what if you could extend the amount of time that you spend up at 80 or 90 per cent stimulation… What if you could be really, really hot longer and just enjoy and revel in that and be able to stay there!


What if you could extend the amount of time that you spend when you were really, really excited. What if you could control that! So, instead of getting so excited and then going over the edge… You could just stay so excited. What if you could keep going… How delicious would that be!

No orgasm, as wonderful as it is, it’s only gonna last you about 7 seconds. Even a really good one you had 8 seconds on that. But what if you could extend that really high level sexual sensation before orgasm and stretch that out… Oh, my God, you fall in love with her all over again! When a man knows that he can satisfy his partner and knows how to last longer in bed everything in his world is better. There is nothing that compensates for a man being able to keep his woman happy. Knowing that he is successful in the bedroom is going to help him feel better about himself in every area of life.

how to last longer in bed

Sex is very important in a relationship because it’s the glue that can hold people together. To last longer in bed is a wonderful thing to be able to do and we need change in the way we have sex. Any enduring relationship needs change… you gotta try everything.

Research tells us that about 30 million men in the United States are so hypersensitive that they’re not able to have satisfying sex. When a man feels more confident because that hypersensitivity has been addressed then that is going to give him a confidence he needs to move forward in the relationship, to ask more of his woman, to have a healthy relationship, a stronger love affair, and it will change his relationship to the rest of his life as well.

No matter your age you can be experiencing his hypersensitivity where you just react so quickly, much more quickly than you want to react. Now, this can be controlled. You can learn how to slow this process down and how to last longer in bed – you can train yourself. And what I have found in my practice that Promescent can help in the process of training yourself how to last longer in bed.

Promescent is an over-the-counter medication and it’s a topical spray. You spray it on the penis 10 or 15 minutes before you need it and you’re ready to go.

Sex can be playful. It can be fun. It doesn’t have to be serious, it even doesn’t have to be deeply romantic. Sex can go in a myriad of directions and in a good relationship you want sex to mean so many different things. Sometimes you just want it to last longer. You want to play longer. And I have found in my practice that Promescent can help any man last a little bit longer or a lot longer depending on what he wants to achieve.

You need to love one another in as many ways as you can and that variety is gonna help bring richness and fulfillment to your love affair.”

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